Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How I Shop

Couple of things I've learned:

Basically, I NEVER just walk into a store and put stuff in my cart. I used to do that, and spent a ton of money too. I always make a list, based off of work that other people do for me.
  • Albertsons, Fresh Market, Smiths, Maceys: use the database from Pinching Your Pennies
  • Buy Low: compile my own list from their ad. Darn. They used to be listed on savvyshopperdeals.
  • Target, Walgreens, Walmart: use Hip2Save website lists
Pinching Your Pennies has a coupon list that tells us what coupons have come in the newspaper so you can do your own match ups to stores that aren't listed.

Produce and meat counters very, very rarely have coupons so I buy those on the best sales I can find. If you're here in Provo, Buy Low is a great place for both of these. Wednesday is their produce day and Friday is meat day.

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