Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Shopping

Here's my Walgreens/Albertsons deals today. I swear, the Albertson's people are so nice. I LOVE my neighborhood store. They are so friendly at 6am.
All this would have gone for $167. I paid $47 and I have to tell you, I totally messed up. I am dying over the $5 in coupons that I forgot to use. Things were just so crazy this morning and I was very distracted. I really want to go back and see if I can return things and do the transactions again. Matt thinks I'm crazy. He said, "You'd go through all that work just for $5?!" Um, hello. Have you been paying attention the last 3 months?

I don't have time to list out all I did, but favorites from Walgreens :
*Free soy candles
*Free Softsoap body wash
*sort of free lip gloss (cost $2 but get $2 RR)
*sort of free shaving gel (cost $3 but get $3 RR)
(oh yeah, I also have $20 in Register Rewards- like gift cards- and a free softsoap body wash catalina)

Faves from Albertsons
*12 boxes of cereal for next to free
*taco bell shells for next to free
*free cough drops
(also got a $5 catalina- like a gift card)

Shopping is good. So I got 72% off (because it matters) AND have about $30 in catalinas to use in the next couple weeks. Hooray! (Matt told me I can't factor in the catalinas twice- when I get them and when I use them- that it is cheating and that I have to choose when I subtract them for my amazing totals I put up here. So watch for my totals to be ridiculously low in the next week or so at Walgreens. Darn Matt.)

I'm still so mad about those stupid coupons...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ok, so I'm not such a pro after all

For those of you just biting your tongue, trying your very best to be kind at my inexperience at coupon bargain shopping, thank you very much and I apologize. I will never again get overage at Albertson's double coupon events again. Next time I will have the cashier adjust the amount of the coupon so I only just get it for free. Bummer. 

Free? I'm not sure if that's good enough...

Monday, March 23, 2009

I love Albertsons

I really truly feel I need to again apologize, but just know that I can't help it. I HAVE to tell everyone I know (or make eye contact with) what deals I'm getting. Please stop checking my blog if you want to throw something at me with every new posting. I will not stop any time soon. I would hate to be the reason your blood pressure shoots up. 

That being said, if you would have asked me last year how I felt about Albertsons, I would not have been too positive. They are so expensive! I've always cherry picked there, but my, I am LOVING them these days. They just have the best sales. In the Sunday paper there were 4 double coupons and since I get 3 papers that means I got 12! Woo Hoo! (those of you outside of Utah can't complain- we didn't get any doublers in our ad last week)
All of this would have retailed at $38. I spent $4.04! That's 89% off by the way.
(the cashier was so great- he totally was impressed)

Here's the break down:
*3 bags Hershey's Easter Bliss Eggs: regularly $4.99 each
-on sale for $3
-used 3 $1 coupons (x 2 with the double coupons)
-$1 each

* 2 Del Monte Fruit Cups: regularly $1.99 each (these are by the produce and are DELICIOUS)
  -on sale for $1.67 (sale is not marked) 
-used 2 $1 coupons (x 2)
-made 33 cents each!

*Muir Glen Organic tomato paste: regularly $1.59 each 
-used $1 coupon (x 2)
-made 41 cents!

*3 Dan Active Drink: regularly $3.19
-on sale for $2.00
-used 3 $1 coupons (x 2)

*3 Dentyne Gum: regularly $1.39 each
  -used $.75 coupon
  -made 11 cents each! (because I really need more gum...)

*Jimmy Dean Sausage: regularly $4.99
-clearance to $1.99

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just for Grandma Kelley

Well Grandma, here's your Sam. Happy? 

Besides being a brat, I wanted to show my Walgreen's trip so you can see how you really can get health/beauty items for SO CHEAP. This stuff is expensive and has killed me in the past. 

I got Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hairspray: regularly around $5 each
   *Shampoo/Conditioner on sale for 2/$8
   *used 2 $1 coupons (now 2/$6)
   *used Buy Shampoo & Conditioner get 1 Hair Product Free coupon (now 3/$6)
   * submitted rebate on Walgreens for $3
   * final price 3/$3
e-sen-cia by Samy Conditioner: $5.99
   * submitted a rebate from e-sen-cia for full purchase price that is on a tag right on the bottle
   * final price FREE

Jergens self tanner (we all know I should buy this by the bushel!) (I just said "bushel." someone punch me.): regularly $8.99
   * on clearance for $4.59
   * used $1 coupon
   * final price $3.59

2 bags Easter Sweetarts jelly beans: regularly about $3ish?
   * on sale 
   * used store coupon (now $1.50 a bag)
   * used $1 off 2 bags coupon
   * final price $1 a bag
2 bags Easter M&M: regularly $3.29 each 
   * on sale $2.50 a bag
   * used store coupon $1/2 (now $2 each)
   * used $1 off 2 bags coupon
   * final price $1.50 a bag

All this would have retailed for about $42.
   * I got about $10 off from the sales
   * I got another $10 off from coupons
   * I paid with a Register Reward coupon (like a gift card I got from a previous purchase) that was $10.
   * I paid $11.39 out of pocket for everything above and the best part is
   * I will get $9 back from the rebates, meaning the trip only cost me $2.39!

that's 95% off. 

Nice. By the way, for the 1 person actually still reading this, thank you very much. Matt's already heard this 3 times and he's beginning(?) to look a bit glazed.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm so sorry to annoy all of you, but I can't help it! This is the best, most fun hobby I've ever had, and that's including collecting sugar packets. (yes, I'm serious. I collected sugar packets. I had a LOT. And that was before someone gave me their dead grandma's collection, but that's another story) 

This stuff was all from Albertsons and would have retailed at $51.83. YIKES! I spent $10.13. How? I'm gifted. That and I LOVE coupons. 
FYI: Albertson's has a double coupon sale that ends today (the double coupons were in the Sunday paper and for those of you outside of Utah, I've heard they will have double coupons in your ad tomorrow. Lucky dogs.) 

Here's the break-down:
  * Hillshire Farms- regularly $3.99, clearanced out to $.99 each
  * Assorted spices- on sale, $1 off coupon x 2 (so $2 off each) and the pepper grinder was on sale for $2, so it was FREE
  * Pringles- on sale for $1, $1/2 coupon x 2 (so $2/2), made them FREE
  * Wrigleys gum- on sale Buy One, Get One Free, plus I had 4 coupons for straight-up free gum, giving me 8 packs for FREE (this one was my favorite, by far)

Oh, and aren't you observant! Way to spot the opened Pringles can! A girl has to eat...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

oh what fun!

So I've had a good shopping day. All of this would have retailed at $125. Guess how much I spent? $45.72 baby. PLUS I have $30 in Register Rewards at Walgreens (like a gift card). So if you subtract that then it's like I only spent $15.72. That's 87.5% off. 

How long after I got home do you think it took me to figure all that out? That's the best part, the numbers. That's when I really feel fancy.

Oh, and yes. That IS a 1/2 empty thing of soda. Thanks for noticing. Matt sure likes his soda...

Favorites: ALL of it! 
FREE soda, toothpaste, and hairspray, $.25 toothbrushes, $.07 applesauce, $.66 6 pack yogurt, $1 3 pack wipes, $5 diapers.